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PLEASE NOTE: This game contains mechanics that simulate sensory overload  and anxiety, to emulate how people with autism see the world and therefore may not be suitable or accessible to some players. Currently, This is the BETA version - we are  working  releasing a final version soon! 

**Please use headphones for the best experience!**

Natural Tone is a role-playing game based on the my own experiences and the collective experiences of other autistic women.

Many women are misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed with having the condition, and can struggle with certain aspects of life. I was only diagnosed at aged 26 (2 years ago) which means I struggled academically and socially. The game highlights this, showing how things are often inaccessible to me, causing me to have prolonged anxiety.  

During my research for the game, I studied  the social model of disability, And used this concept for in the game  to highlight how it is not the person with the disability who needs to change for society, but others who should foster inclusive and diverse practises.  Additionally, when creating Natural Tone we used a 3rd person narrative to (hopefully) allow players to see the world how some people with autism do. 

Natural Tone  is a collaboration between Variegated Games and Crabman from Hypnotic Owl. Follow us on twitter! @VariegatedGames and @elCrabman. Music by @visagermusic and Monplaisir.

Please enjoy, and I hope by playing Natural Tone, you are able to learn something new and maybe change how you think!


Left / Right / Up / Down - Move player

Space bar - Interact


Natural Tone (Windows) 87 MB

Install instructions

The game should run on Windows 7 and higher. A normal graphics card should suffice and it is advised you wear headphones for the best experience.

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